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Veasey Shore Road Structure Fire
July 21, 2010
A round of severe weather that passed through the Lakes Region early in the evening kept area departments including Meredith busy. Crews were busy answering several calls when a report of a fire alarm activation was received for 140 Veasey Shore Road. 14 Engine 4 arrived on scene and investigated. Shortly afterward the homeowner then alerted Engine 4 of smoke coming from a residence across the street. 14 Engine 4 relocated and initiated an interior attack. 14C1 arrived and assumed command and advised of a two story 20 x 60 foot barn with heavy smoke showing. Engine 4's crew quickly knocked down the the fire. In addition to Meredith companies, Center Harbor responded to the scene automatic mutual aid. Laconia provided a cover truck for the Downtown Station. The cause is under investigation.

Companies on scene: 14 Engine 4, 14 Engine 1, 14 Tower 1, 14 Tanker 5, 14 Engine 2, 5 Engine 2, 5 Rescue 1

Command: 14C1

Pleasant Street Structure Fire
July 14, 2010
A report of a structure fire at 19:41 sent Meredith Fire Department companies to 32 Pleasant Street. 14 Engine 1 along with 14C1 arrived on scene and the crew quickly knocked down a fire that had started in the kitchen. 14 Tower 1 and 14 Engine 3 assisted with smoke removal and also salvage and overhaul. Companies remained on scene for approximately one hour.

Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1, 14 Tower 1, 14 Tanker 5, 14 Engine 3

Mutual Aid to Gilford
July 7, 2010
The Meredith Fire Department was dispatched at 22:02 hours to 23 Liscomb Circle in Gilford for a 1st alarm structure fire. Meredith companies were placed in staging on arrival but were moved up to the scene to assist Gilford companies with overhaul.

Companies on scene: 14 Tanker 5, 14 Engine 2
Appliance Fire
July 7,2010
At 20:35 hours Meredith companies were alerted to a fire in the building at 23 Gould Avenue. Caller reported that a television had caught fire. 14C1 arrived on scene and established command. Shortly after his arrival he reported no fire or smoke in the structure and held all companies in quarters.
Mutual Aid to Gilmanton
July 7, 2010
At 15:35 Meredith companies were requested as part of a 4th alarm assignment for manpower to assist Gilmanton companies with a barn fire. A stretch of oppressive weather conditions over the past few days with heat indices approaching 100 degrees prompted the request. Several other fires around the area including the Mount Major fire in Alton had severely taxed area fire departments and personnel. The Meredith crew assisted with overhaul.

Companies on scene: 14 Rescue 1
Mutual Aid to Alton
July 6, 2010

A 3rd alarm equivalent request for manpower and hand tools sent a crew from Meredith to assist with a brush fire on the southern slope of Mount Major in Alton. The Meredith crew assisted with cutting fire lines to contain the fire. This fire burned for two more days before it could be completely extinguished.

Structure Fire on Daniel Webster Highway
July 5, 2010
At 8:09 The Meredith Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire at 435 Daniel Webster Highway. 14C2 arrived on scene, established command and reported heavy smoke showing from three sides of the building. 14 Engine 1 arrived shortly after and mounted an aggressive interior attack and made a quick knock down. 14 Tower 1 performed ventilation. Command placed the incident under control at 8:29.

Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1, 14 Engine 3, 14 Tanker 5, 14 Tower 1, 14 Rescue 1 with 14 Utility 1 (Air Trailer).

Center Harbor 5 Engine 2 provided a cover truck for the Meredith Downtown Station.

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